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Sam Smith, a patient at Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, celebrates recovering from COVID-19

Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center on Track for Recovery

Published on May 07, 2020

Wayne, W.Va. – Patients at Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Wayne N&RC) who tested positive for COVID-19 are currently on track for recovery thanks to the care and dedication of the nurses and the entire team at the center.

In the initial outbreak at the beginning of April, Wayne N&RC procured enough testing kits to test all employees and all patients for the virus. Those test results returned with 33 employees and 36 patients who were positive for COVID-19.

Today, we currently have 17 positive and 24 negative patients and for employees, we have 5 positive and 74 negative tests with one pending. We had 17 patients who tested positive and they have now tested negative and are on track for recovery. Five patients are currently being treated in the hospital.

Due to the hard work and dedication of the Wayne N&RC team, local health officials and community support, the number of positive tests continues to decline while the number of both patients and employees who are on track for recovery increases. More importantly, there has been a decline in those with symptoms and no new cases have emerged.

“This center got hit very hard, very suddenly with this outbreak of a deadly virus for this population,” said Dr. Jonathan Lilly, AMFM Chief Medical Officer. “Faced with this daunting task that comes with being a health care professional, they buckled down and reversed the trend of infections.”  

The best practices and guidance from Dr. Kevin McCann, Medical Officer with the Wayne County Health Department (WCHD) were effective in isolating the virus, while the more readily available testing kits have allowed for the early identification of the virus.

“The team at Wayne has demonstrated courage and compassion in the face of increased amounts of stress and took many additional steps to modify and protect their residents,” said Dr. Kevin McCann, WCHD Health Officer. “These are our people and I want to take care of them. Working with AMFM was a cooperative, problem-solving approach to this unknown virus.”

From the beginning, Wayne N&RC followed the expanded infection control guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), had adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand, and screened employees daily for symptoms of COVID-19.  Additionally, environmental employees continuously cleaned commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails and desks during both shifts.

Other measures included the negative air-flow pods, and an ultraviolet disinfection method that provided a chemical-free, no-touch method of killing germs on surfaces and in the air throughout the center.

Despite the preparation and precautions, seven patients who tested positive for COVID-19 passed away during the past month.  “We are heartbroken for those patients and their families,” said Cindy Cooper, Executive Director for Wayne N&RC. “We continue to keep them in our prayers. Not only did we lose a patient, but we lost a family member also.”

Local churches hosted services in our parking lot, businesses and organizations have donated food for employees, neighbors posted appreciation signs on our lawn and many prayers and well wishes were received. A community member recently donated their $1,200 stimulus check to the center that will be used for an employee and patient activity when restrictions are lifted, and it is safe.

As we mourn each day’s new tally of confirmed cases and coronavirus deaths throughout West Virginia and the nation, we also must recognize our recovery success stories.  “We are blessed and thankful to be a part of the Wayne community. They rallied around us, held us up and brought us together. We know we will be stronger because of this challenge.”

The center will continue to conduct periodic testing of employees to identify and isolate possible cases and work with our Medical Director and local health department to monitor the patients closely.