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Hinton, W.Va. – It all began in 1988 when a group of motorcyclists were traveling to Washington D.C. to raise awareness of prisoners-of-war (POW) and missing-in-action (MIA) veterans. As what would eventually become the annual “Run for the Wall” event travelled through Rainelle a group of school children greeted them.

This humble beginning has become an annual weekend-long celebration, and Summers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (N&RC) presented the L.Z. Rainelle West Virginia Veterans’ Reunion with a $1,500 donation from the AMFM Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Now, the event runs the entire Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-28) and includes a reception for the “Run for the Wall” riders, a candlelight memorial service, parade, speakers, entertainment, fireworks and the “murble” tournament.

“It’s good that we are here,” said Emma Michelinie, Committee Member/Murble coordinator for the L.Z. West Virginia Rainelle Veterans’ Reunion. “These veterans gather, talk and laugh with each other all weekend. They have seen some dark places; we can provide a ray of light and that is our goal.”

Murbles is a game that anyone can play and involves players a contest like closest to the pin in golf. One player tosses the point ball out and then each remaining player tries to get their murble closest to the point ball. Each player receives a gift and shirt after the tournament.   

This year, regional first responders and veterans will participate in the tournament with last year’s winners, health care agencies have a re-match with veterans. 

“Our veterans deserve the very best for their service and patriotism,” said Shelda Cox, Executive Director for Summers N&RC. “It was our honor to step up and help this organization with event.”

The donation was made possible through the AMFM Charitable Foundation, Inc. The foundation provides money to AMFM’s family of skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities to support community events, charities and programs.

Summers N&RC’s mission is “to exemplify excellence in quality care to our customers by providing an environment that enhances personal growth, individuality, dignity and respect.”