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Hillcrest Health Care Center COVID-19 Update:
April 18, 2020

Even though we received a negative COVID-19 test result recently for one of our patients, we made the decision to test all patients and employees to ensure their health and safety.

Testing began on Thursday, April 16. Thirty-five patients were tested on that date and the results of those tests just arrived. All 35 patients tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19. Testing for the remainder of the patients and employees was completed on Friday.  

“We are elated with the negative results, at the same time not surprised,” said Dr. Jonathan Lilly, Chief Medical Officer for AMFM. “We have, from the beginning, at Hillcrest and all of our centers across the state, been proactive and following the CDC and CMS guidelines to protect the health and safety of our most precious resources; which are our residents and staff.” 

Hillcrest Health Care Center COVID-19 Update:
April 15, 2020

The announcement today of positive COVID-19 in a Boone County nursing center was premature. A patient at Hillcrest Health Care Center was tested for COVID-19.

We do not have a positive case based on the specimen collected on April 14 shortly before 11:00 am at a local hospital. The test was performed by the same local hospital laboratory.

The lab reported to us on April 15 shortly after 5pm the result of COVID-19 PCR as NEGATIVE on the infectious disease immunology report.