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AMFM COVID-19 Vaccine Information

All 19 AMFM Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers to Complete 2nd Dose of Vaccine

Published on Jan 04, 2021

Lifetree Pharmacy administers more than 6,100 vaccines, including AMFM Centers

This week will mark the second V-Day, dubbed for Vaccination Day, for AMFM Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s (N&RC) employees and patients. On Friday, AMFM will be the first in West Virginia’s long-term care centers to complete the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for all 19 centers. 

More than 2,000 COVID-19 vaccines will arrive at 19 AMFM Centers for employees and patients beginning with 16 centers on Wednesday followed by clinics scheduled for the remaining three centers before the end of week. The first dose was made available to all employees and patients who wanted the vaccine on December 15th. Employees and patients who did not take the first dose will be offered the vaccine again during this week’s clinics. 

AMFM used their partner pharmacy, Lifetree Pharmacy, to administer all vaccines. Since December 15th, Lifetree Pharmacy, oversaw the rollout of more than 6,100 vaccines across 67 long-term care and assisted living centers, including the 19 AMFM centers. In addition, the pharmacy was honored to serve and help protect our Veterans across two West Virginia locations by administering the vaccine.   

Shep Campbell, licensed pharmacist and Vice President of Pharmacy Services for Lifetree Pharmacy said, “We are thankful for all of our teams working together to administer the 2nd of the two-dose vaccine to patients and employees throughout West Virginia. This is an exciting week for us and our patients, families, and employees. One simple step we can all do to slow the spread of the virus,” Campbell said. “We will offer vaccines to employees and patients at 16 centers on Wednesday and the remaining three centers when the second batch of vaccines arrive from the State this week. Vaccine Clinics at all AMFM centers will be completed by end of week and for this, we are thankful.”

The AMFM Centers’ Vaccine Clinics are scheduled as follows:

16 centers receiving the vaccine on Wednesday include:
Bridgeport Health Care Center
Cabell Health Care Center
Cameron Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Clarksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
E. A. Hawse Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Greenbrier Health Care Center
Hillcrest Health Care Center
Lincoln Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
McDowell Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Mercer Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Pleasant Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Summers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Taylor Health Care Center
Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Webster Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Wyoming Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Two centers receiving the vaccine on Thursday:
Braxton Health Care Center 
Clay Health Care Center 

One center receiving the vaccine on Friday:
Fayette Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

“At the end of this week, AMFM centers will be the first in long term care to complete the 2nd of the two-dose vaccine,” shared Todd Jones, President of AMFM N&RC. "What an exciting week this will be for our patients, families, and employees. With the increase in COVID cases throughout West Virginia, our team is doing everything they can to stop the spread of the virus and the news of vaccines provides hope for everyone.

“My mom is a patient at one of the AMFM nursing centers, and I am ready to receive the vaccine on the same day that she receives it.  Professionally and personally, this has been a tough year for me and not being able to visit with her in-person has sure been hard on me, my sister and especially my Dad. The good news is - we are moving in the right direction now! Many thanks go out to our friends and neighbors throughout West Virginia for all of your support and prayers.”

About AMFM:
AMFM operates 19 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers throughout West Virginia. The care centers are in Braxton, Boone, Cabell, Clay, Fayette, Hardy, Harrison (Clarksburg & Bridgeport), Greenbrier, Lincoln, Mason, Marshall, McDowell, Mercer, Summers, Taylor, Wayne, Webster, and Wyoming counties.  
AMFM’s mission is “to exemplify excellence in quality care to our customers by providing an environment that enhances personal growth, individuality, dignity and respect.”

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