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76 Recoveries from COVID-19 at Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

76 Recoveries from COVID-19 at Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Published on May 28, 2020

UPDATE: The one employee pending test has came back as NEGATIVE for COVID-19. 

Employees and patients were clapping and celebrating with the news that the last patient at the center originally diagnosed with COVID-19 has now recovered. After 52 days since the first positive case, 38 patients and 38 employees at Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Wayne N&RC) have prevailed against COVID-19 and all have recovered. Only one employee test is pending while they are quarantining at home.

Pamela G. May, a patient from Huntington who tested positive for COVID-19, credits the care, compassion and attention to her needs as one of the reasons for her recovery. “Oh, my goodness, they checked on us every two hours to see if we needed anything,” May said. “Activities made sure we had everything, like People magazine and puzzles making everything seem as normal as possible.”

May has some advice for anyone combating the virus. “Res­t, eat when you can and keep your minds and hands busy like the employees at Wayne N&RC did for me,” May added.  

In the initial outbreak at the beginning of April, Wayne N&RC procured enough testing kits to test all employees and all patients for the virus. Sadly, nine patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 passed away.

“In the wake of this extremely challenging situation and considering the heartbreaking loss of residents loved by families and employees, Wayne is a shining example of a team determined to conquer the COVID-19 virus,” said Dr. Jonathan Lilly, AMFM Chief Medical Officer. “I think we all can proudly point to the willing collaboration of the Wayne N&RC employees, AMFM leadership, Wayne County Health Department and the local hospital system for a quick and best possible end to the tragic reality we all faced together.”

During the initial days of the outbreak, the Wayne County community made their presence known and continues to provide support to the patients and employees. Wayne N&RC would like to thank the families and community who showed tremendous and continuous support with handmade cards, signs, food donations, and offers to provide extra homemade masks and other general well wishes.

“We couldn’t have done this without the support of so many great people and organizations,” said Cindy Cooper, Wayne N&RC Executive Director. “The support of our AMFM family, the Wayne County Health Department and our community was just crucial. I can’t thank them enough. Finally, though, it is our team here that gave so much day after day and who continue to do so. The credit goes to them.”

The center is beginning preparations for a parade for their patients. Friends and family members will line the parking lot to celebrate with a “Heart, Honk and Holler” parade to wave and support the patients and employees. Parade participants will be encouraged to make signs with hearts on them.

“It will be one of the most blessed sights I can think of,” said Cooper. “To see our patients outside and the sun shining on their faces and waving to their loved will just be amazing.”

Everyone is looking forward to the day when families and friends will visit at the center as the new normal is approaching for our center. We are collaborating with our state survey agency and local health departments to finalize the reopening plans and the criteria for safe implementation of visits. Wayne N&RC will follow the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

“We are excited our building is COVID free and there are better days ahead. In the meantime, we will apply everything we have learned and continue to provide the best possible care and health outcomes for our patients,” Cooper said.