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Welcome to our Faces of Care page. We are highlighting our dedicated and compassionate team members from across all our AMFM families. This is who we are. These are our stories. These are the faces of care. 

Carol Smith, Certified Nursing Assistant, Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Smith has been a CNA at Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (N&RC) for almost 26 years. She loves spending time with her grandkids, taking trips with her sidekick, Tawanna, and camping. Smith and her late husband, Wally, were married for 33 years and she has 2 children, and 4 grandchildren. She has a heart of gold and always a smile on her face. Wayne N&RC is blessed to have her be a part of our family! 


Beverly Weikle, Certified Nursing Assistant, Summers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Weikle started at SNRC 29 years ago as a CNA. The reason she loves long-term care is because she loves helping people and forming relationships. Her hobbies include taking pictures, mowing grass, and travel.

Marianna Keller, Activity Assistant, Taylor Health Care Center

Marianna Keller is an Activity Assistant at Taylor Health Care Center, and has worked in long-term care for a few months. She joined our team when she was ready for a change from working in home health. She is gratified working here and with the elderly population. She loves working with our patients and her co-workers comments she "goes above and beyond." She treats our patients like family!

Randy Conrad, Environmental Services Supervisor, Braxton Health Care Center

Conrad has been an Environmental Service Supervisor for Braxton Health Care Center for more than two years. He enjoys spending time with his family, and being active in his community. Some of the things he loves about working in long-term care is being part of a team that works together to provide the patients with a comfortable place to live and quality care. Conrad also enjoys being a mentor and providing encouragement to new employees coming into health care. Conard is a VALUED member of our team and brings a lot of positivity to our days. 

Carla Nicole Meadows, Licensed Practical Nurse, Lincoln Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Meadows has been a nurse and at Lincoln Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for 15 years. She has been married 20 years and has two children. When not working, she loves working on crafts. 

Shyann Clark, Certified Nursing Assistant, Cameron Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Clark has been a Certified Nursing Assistant for six years and loves riding horses, working on the farm and hanging out with friends. She shared she loves long-term care because she "loves helping people and listening to the stories the patients share with us from their childhood." 

Barb Hardy, Certified Nursing Assistant, Bridgeport Health Care Center

Hardy has been at Bridgeport Health Care Center for three years and has been in the long-term care profession since she was 19 years old.
She has a love for the elderly, and that love and desire to care for others is what has brought her to long-term care. In her spare time, Hardy enjoys cooking as a hobby.

Jim Ashcraft, Certified Nursing Assistant, Clarksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Ashcraft has been a CNA at Clarksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Clarksburg N&RC) since he first got his CNA license in September,1989. He spent a lot of years taking care of his elderly parents and grandparents, and decided to become an CNA after those experiences.

Ashcraft plans to retire in July 2020; however, may remain a part time employee. Jim has been a true asset to the patients and employees at Clarksburg N&RC.

"I've always enjoyed coming to work and providing care for our patients," Ashcraft said. "And I'm very appreciative and thankful for AMFM providing me with the many years of caring for others." 

Fayette Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Faces of Care CNA Week

Catelin Riffle, Certified Nursing Assistant, Fayette Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Riffle has been with Fayette Nursing & Rehabilitation Center since October 2018. She became a CNA because in her words, "I love helping people. It has always been my passion to work with the older generation. They are wise and can teach us so much. My patients feel like family," she said. 

Tash Boyd, Certified Nursing Assistant, McDowell Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Tash Boyd, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) has worked at McDowell Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for 10 years. She became a long-term care employee because she enjoys being around patients and being able to take care of their needs.

"In my spare time I enjoy watching reality TV, and spending time with my niece," Boyd said. 

Kristina Pennington, Registered Nurse, Cabell Health Care Center

Kristina has been with Cabell Health Care Center and AMFM for a little more than two years and a nurse for four years.

She is a single mom with two beautiful children and a few fur babies. During free time, Kristina loves spending time in the outdoors and the gym, began bodybuilding this year and competed at the Arnold classic. She has also entered the world of kayaking and kayak fishing, and describes being on the water as "incredibly serene and peaceful." She also loves yoga, Zumba and hiking. "I adore nature and all of its beauty," Kristina said. 

"I am a former combat medic for the United States Army. When I entered the nursing field, I began in the ER because it seemed like the closest option to my military experience. After a couple years in the ER, I realized I wanted to be able to spend more time with my patients and get to know their stories. I entered the world of long-term care and have grown a family. Not only my patients, but my co-workers and my residents’ family members. The amount of love and compassion I have gained in this world is beyond measure. I could not imagine doing anything else. I truly look forward to seeing my people everyday."


Lauren Hall, Unit Charge Nurse, Cameron Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 

Hall's hobbies include spending time with family and friends, cleaning her house, relaxing with her cats and going out to eat. Hall came to long-term care because her Mom has worked here since she was born. She always loved coming here to talk with the patients, enjoys seeing them smile and having a good time.

"Many of the residents become like family to you. There are so many little things that the residents do that make your day, and I love being here," Hall said. 




Robin Graham, Registered Nurse, Bridgeport Health Care Center

Graham is an RN with 15 years of experience and has been at Bridgeport Health Care Center since January 2020. She enjoys interior decorating, renovating and project planning, home improvement, and traveling with her family. 

"I saw the open position and thought of how much I enjoyed caring for the elderly in the hospital. I just hope I can make a difference," Graham said.  

Graham has made such a difference and is a positive face to employees and patients during her time here, despite the struggles of learning a challenging new role in long-term care during the COVID pandemic.


Jacqueline Marie Garrett, Registered Nurse, Cabell Health Care Center

Garrett is the mother of two, ages 20 and 15. She is the wife of a pastor and a homeschool mom (before it was cool and before COVID). She enjoys doing activities with her church and helps take care of her 86 year-old dad and 90-year old father-in -law. Garrett enjoys the outdoors as well.

"I went back to nursing school at age 31. I started long term care out of nursing school because that was about the only place hiring LPN’s. I enrolled into a RN program and obtained my associates RN and came to AMFM in July 2014. I’ve come to love the elderly population and love long-term care and love taking care of them," Garrett said.