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We understand staying connected to your loved one is important to you during these difficult times. Our commitment to providing quality care includes making it easy for you to connect via a Televisit through your computer, phone or tablet.  


Zoom meetings offer a free and convenient way for you to see and speak with your loved one from your home to ours.

If you are not familiar or have never used Zoom before, please use the links below to get started. 

Getting Started on Zoom (iOS, Apple devices)

Getting Started on Zoom (Android devices)

Getting Started on Zoom using your Mac or Windows computer




Skype is a free video communication service you may use on your phone, tablet or in your computer's web browser. 

You can download Skype for your desktop computer, phone or tablet below.

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Televisit FAQs

1. How long may we visit with our loved one during a Televisit? 

Typically, Televisits are about 30 minutes long but could be longer depending on the number of other families wanting to use the service on that day. 

2. Who can request a televisit with a patient? 

Our patients love to hear from family and friends in the community. Friends, family and clergy are encouraged to use our Televisit services. 

3. Do we have to use a televisit if we are unable to visit in person?

No, you may also call the center and make arrangements to speak with your loved one on the telephone. 

4. How long before I find out if my televisit request has been approved?

You should hear from the center within 24 hours of making your Televisit request. If we are unable to meet your request for the time and date you selected, our center will schedule another time with you during that call. 

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact your loved ones' center.  

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