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American Medical Facilities Management (AMFM), LLC is West Virginia operated. John and Fonda Elliot began AMFM in 1982 and have built AMFM into West Virginia’s leader in skilled nursing, rehabilitation and long-term care services. There are 18 AMFM care centers located throughout West Virginia (W.Va.).

The AMFM care centers are in Summers, Fayette, Hardy, Webster, Wayne, McDowell, Lincoln, Wyoming, Harrison, Greenbrier, Marshall, Mercer, Cabell, Clay, Braxton, Boone, Taylor counties, and a corporate office located in downtown, historic Charleston.

AMFM centers employ more than 1,700 and provides care for more than 1,300 patients and is the largest family-owned, privately held-multi-facility nursing home company in W.Va.

Our mission is “to exemplify excellence in quality care to our customers by providing an environment that enhances personal growth, individuality, dignity and respect.”


Before American Medical Facilities Management (AMFM) was born in 1980, John was an architect who had graduated from Kent State University and began John Elliot Associates. Soon, the small architecture firm began designing health care facilities, and had already designed several that would become AMFM centers one day.

John recalls, “As we were building the facility in Summers County as an architectural firm, the developer pulled out at the last minute to give all their money to televangelists, and I became fascinated with learning the health care side of the business. When the investor had pulled out, we said ok, why don’t we just take a seemingly catastrophic situation and turn it into an incredible opportunity.

Once we started down that path, it seemed a natural progression to continue learning the nursing home profession and bring our work ethic and our values to West Virginia.”With John’s background in health care architecture, and Fonda’s experience as a registered nurse, the duo provided a unique foundation for building AMFM’s high standards of quality care.

John and Fonda Elliot began AMFM in 1982, and have built AMFM into West Virginia’s quality care leader in skilled nursing, rehabilitation and long-term care services. More than 35 years later AMFM has grown beyond their original centers to include Lifetree Therapy Company and Lifetree Pharmacy to provide therapy and pharmacy services within the AMFM tree of centers. In 2018, Lifetree Medical Services began to provide more direct health care services to AMFM patients in each center. 

National Awards & Recognitions: 

AMFM facilities have won numerous national awards from the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL). The program is based on the core values and criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The Baldrige Excellence Framework helps businesses evaluate performance, assess areas of improvement and innovation, and get results. The AHCA/NCAL National Award Program has three levels; Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

In 2019, AMFM added five more National Quality Awards. Cameron Nursing & Rehabilitation and Taylor Health Care Center received the 2019 Bronze National Quality Award. Three more centers continued their quality care journey. Fayette, Mercer and McDowell Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers earned the 2019 Silver National Quality Award.  

In 2018 AMFM joined an elite list of long-term care providers in the first-ever “Best Workplaces” for Aging Services list. AMFM ranked 24th on the list of 50 health care providers in the aging sector. In 2019, AMFM continued their inclusion on an elite list of long-term care providers in the second “Best Workplaces for Aging Services” list. AMFM ranked 7th on the list of Fortune's top 50 health care providers in the aging sector.

The third-party research institute National Research Corporation and the My InnerView survey process has ranked AMFM facilities in the top 10% in the nation numerous times for customer or employee satisfaction. 

AMFM Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers recent feedback has earned West Virginia’s quality award leader another pair of national awards for customer and employee satisfaction. AMFM has earned the 2019 Customer Approved Award and the 2019 Employee Approved Award from Lincoln, Nebraska–based healthcare-intelligence firm NRC Health. The award recognizes senior-care organizations across the country for creating an outstanding experience for customers and employees.

Out of the top 20 organizations ranked, AMFM ranked in 7th place for customer satisfaction, and in 2nd place nationally for employee satisfaction.

West Virginia:

Our centers have been recognized with numerous statewide awards through the West Virginia Health Care Association (WVHCA). The WVHCA is the state-affiliate of the AHCA/NCAL and represents skilled nursing and assisted living centers throughout West Virginia.The WVHCA annually recognizes member facilities in several categories that recognize excellence and achievements.

AMFM has been recognized numerous times for administrator of the year, director of nursing of the year, direct care employee, community service and more throughout the years.

Recently, three of AMFM's newest centers were recognized for in 2019. Clay, Cabell and Taylor Health Care Centers each earned awards for employees or volunteers. Clay HCC Environmental Supervisor Elwona "Sue" Harrison received the 2019 Individual Excellence in Operations Award from the WVHCA. The Grafton City Hospital Ladies Auxiliary (GCHLA) from Taylor Health Care Center were recognized for their outstanding volunteer work. The eight volunteers are the 2019 Adult Volunteer of the Year Award recipients from WVHCA. 

In 2018 AMFM was recognized for Administrator of the Year for Patty Lucas, Executive Director at McDowell Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. McDowell had even more reasons to celebrate as Mary Kennedy, UCN received the Direct Care Employee of the Year. Additionally, statewide recognitions went to Hillcrest Health Care Center for the 2018 Individual Excellence in Therapy award and E. A. Hawse Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for the 2018 Youth Volunteer of the Year award. 

In 2017, AMFM won for Clarksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s Tricia Calemine-Dolan as Administrator of the Year, McDowell N&RC Kristy Blankenship-Saunders as Director of Nursing of the Year, and Wyoming N&RC’s “Mall Day” as a Best Practice.

In the 2018 cycle of West Virginia survey-inspections, five AMFM centers have received deficiency-free state inspections. Webster N&RC has earned a deficiency-free inspection for the third year in a row. Other centers to receive deficiency-free health inspections in 2018 were Fayette Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, E. A. Hawse Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Clarksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Taylor Health Care Center. 

Charitable Giving:

The AMFM Charitable Foundation, Inc. began in 2009 as the fundraising arm of AMFM to provide each AMFM center with the ability to enrich their communities directly with financial donations to local charities and groups. 

The objective of The AMFM Charitable Foundation, Inc. is to provide AMFM care centers with the financial resources to improve and enrich the community in which each AMFM care center resides through charity.

The AMFM Charitable Foundation, Inc. raises money for charitable organizations throughout West Virginia; assisting food pantries, local volunteer fire departments, libraries, women’s shelters, churches, hospitals and many more worthy organizations to improve the quality of life for all West Virginians.